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Do You Treat My Condition?

This is a simple question with a complex answer. The only way to truly determine whether you would benefit from treatment is to speak with you. If after speaking with you, I determine that you are not a candidate for our services, but instead would benefit from a different type of healthcare service, I will happily refer you to the appropriate provider.

Do I Need To Get a Doctor's Referral?

Under New York State Law patients may receive treatment from a licensed physical therapist without a referral from a physician or other healthcare provider for 10 visits or 30 days, whichever occurs first. If permitted by your insurance company, "Direct Access" is your opportunity to save time and money, thereby expediting your treatment, relief, and recovery.

How Do I Book An Appointment?

The easiest way to book an appointment is via phone, email or through our contact form. I will contact you at your earliest convenience to discuss all relevant details regarding your treatment.

What Do I Bring to My First Appointment?

Please dress in clothes that allow the area to be treated to be easily exposed, allow you to move freely, and that you are comfortable in.  Please bring in the completed intake packet and ID, including insurance information, physician's prescription, list of medication(s), radiographs (MRI's, xrays) 

What can I expect at my first appointment and follow-ups?

Your first appointment will last 60 minutes where we will take a detailed history of your injury/condition followed by our PT Examination. At Recoup, we search for the source of your symptoms and the underlying root cause driving your pain pattern. This examination allows us to identify any precipitating or perpetuating factors which may have prolonged your recovery from these symptoms. The remaining time is focused on treatment involving manual therapy (Joint mobilization, soft tissue mobilization or myofascial decompression), individualized exercise correction, and education on self management of your condition.

Follow up visits are scheduled for 45-60 minutes and involve a brief re evaluation of your progress from the initial visit followed by one on one treatment by your PT professional. The majority of your visit will be spent on hands on treatment to facilitate an optimal recovery from your injury/condition. 

How Long Does an Appointment Last?

One of the many things that separates Recoup from other physical therapy clinics is the long treatment times. We need enough time to effectively assess and treat you, in order to have you improve in a timely manner. Because of this, our treatment times are much longer than the industry standard and range from 45-60 minutes.

Do You Accept Insurance?

In order to honor and provide the best quality service, we chose to be an out of network provider with most insurances. This decision allows us to opt out of arbitrary insurance regulations and restrictions on providing care. For example, an insurance company only authorizing 5 visits for a post operative ACL repair. We would not be able to provide one on one care with each patient for 60 minutes under the current insurance limitations in New York. Instead, we have decided to practice consistent with the most recent research and our core values under the out of network system. As a courtesy, we will file bills and submit authorizations as necessary on the patient's behalf.  If you do not have insurance coverage or would like more information on your individual benefits, please contact our office for assistance.


Please fill out the insurance verification form to get started.

Recoup is a participating provider with Medicare. If you are a Medicare beneficiary, we will bill Medicare for your physical therapy care and invoice you for any remaining balance not covered by Medicare or your secondary insurance provider in accordance with the Medicare physician fee schedule for participating providers. In order to bill Medicare, we will need a copy of your driver’s license and Medicare insurance cards at your first visit

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